Company STS

Operation & Maintenance
(Following lists show only part of our jobs)

Project Name

  • NTT Delegated Team - Provide Competent Person for Backup NTT Chiller Plant Operation
  • Maintenance and Repair of Fire Services Installations in Various Buildings at Tamar
  • MTRC Contract M1047-12E Maintenance for TKL Building Services
  • Electrical Maintenance Services for the Grandiose
  • MVAC Maintenance Service for Residence Oasis
  • HVAC & Electrical Maintenance Service at Deutsche Bank (51-62F & 65-66F)
  • Preventive Maintenance Works for MVAC System at Diocesan Girls' School
  • Maintenance Services for Bank of America Merrill Lynch at IFCI
  • Maintenance Services for Macquarie Bank at IFC One on 2013
  • Preventive Maintenance Works for MVAC System at Hoi Fai Road
  • Operation & Maintenance of AC Installation in Office Block (CGCO, CGCL & LCC) & SWPH at Tamar
  • Electrical Maintenance Services for MTR LOHAS Park Property
  • Maintenance Services for Macquarie Bank at IFC One (2012)
  • Provision of Maintenance Service for Automatic Smoke Ventilator & Fire Service System at Wo Liu Hang Noise Barrier
  • MTRC PO#1046020 2 Year Central Seawater Cooling System Maintenance at Element
  • MTRC Contract M990-07E Maintenance Services for ECS Ventilation System (extension 3 years)
  • Fortis Bank Office - A/C Maintenance Works
  • MTRC Contract M988-07E Maintenance Services for AEL & TCL ECS
  • 3 Pacific Place - Philips Office A/C Maintenance Work
  • Supply technician and material to carry out the DLP free maintenance service for HSBC Project Spice L18 Trading Floor at Main Building
  • E&M Services Maintenance Works - UBS AG HK Branch
  • MTRC Contract M933 LHP Maintenance & Miscellaneous VO Works